Best Trees for Small Yard

New homes are on the market unfortunately, often are absent any significant landscaping, including trees- it just isn’t in the budget for many new home builders. But the appeal of trees and shrubs adds to the appearance of the home. If you have just built a home or purchased a home that doesn’t have an adequate amount of landscaping in place, now’s the time to decide which trees and shrubs you will use in your new small yard.below are the best trees to plant in your small yard.

This post courtesy of Tree Service Annapolis
1.Shade Trees
Most homeowners look for shade trees to have a comfortable spot to lounge outdoors in the summer months. A tree with large leaves that provides shade can also provide a noise barrier that makes a living on busy streets more pleasant. For new home constructions, choosing shade trees that are fast-growing is ideal. The best shade trees are these fast growing varieties: sawtooth oak, red maple, river birch, and Leyland cypress.
2.Trees for Colour or Flowering Trees
Many people choose trees because they produce foliage or flowers of a particularly pleasing colour, either during the springtime when everything is in bloom or each autumn when the leaves “change” colours. One of the best trees for beautiful blooms is the magnolia tree which provides gorgeous “showy” flowers with each spring; for earliest blooms, choose a star magnolia tree. Apple trees provide not only attractive (and very fragrant) blooms in the spring, they also bear fruit; allow several years, however, for a mature apple tree to start producing fruit. Dogwood trees are just spectacular in the springtime and provide unique branching patterns for summer, but in the fall – the colours of the dogwood are fantastic.
3.Trees for Fruit
While we all would love to have an orchard, space is often limited in our increasingly small yards. However, you can grow some of your favourite fruit trees and have the satisfaction of fruit in a season without the high price tag. Depending on where you live, you might choose orange trees, grapefruit trees, or other citrus trees in the balmy south. Many regions of the country provide the ideal place for growing apple trees (mentioned above) or pear trees. Keep in mind, however, that with fruit trees come fruit – and bees, wasps, hornets and more who love to feed on fruit that has dropped to the ground. If you have small children or people with allergies to bee stings, fruit trees might not be appropriate for your yard.